How to Tell If a Woman Is Flirting With Another Woman

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For gay women interested in dating other like-minded women, being able to interpret the right signals can make all the difference between success and failure in dating. There are certain subtle cues that a lesbian exhibits when she is interested in another woman.

Lesbian Flirting Signals

While there is no definite way to know if a lesbian has the hots for you, there are certain signals to look out for. Lesbians or bi women may bring up an LGBTQ discussion or even reveal their orientation. It could be one sign that she is interested in you.

Signs That a Woman Likes You

The most obvious signal would be that of eye contact. When a lesbian fancies a woman, she will try to make eye contact frequently. If you look in her direction, you will find her looking at you. It could be a sign that she is interested in you. However, consider the context, e.g., in a workplace, it could just be normal, whereas, in a bar, it is a sign that she fancies you.

If you notice any physical moves to get closer or try to be near you, this is another signal. This is seen in the following instances.

  • She always chooses to sit beside you at official meetings
  • Having a female friend always sit across or near you
  • Regularly approaching you to chat or ask something
  • Finding an opportunity to touch you gently

If you find her regularly trying to engage you, then it could be possible she has a romantic interest. In-office, when there is any information or directive that could be shared by email, she instead chooses to come and speak to you. You find here at all the social events you attend, including the same gym, etc. All of these are indirect signs that she could have a romantic interest in you. However, if it is a colleague from the office, you need to follow your instinct is this is just being friendly, co-incidence or something more.

More signs of her having a romantic interest

Another obvious sign is when she finds humor in all your jokes. This is more so when you know the joke is not that amusing, but she finds it funny enough. This is a good sign that she has more than a friendly interest in you. When she tries to touch you, it is another sign of her interest. E.g. She will find a place to sit beside you, will casually touch your hand or pat your knee during a conversation, etc. Her making physical contact is a clear sign she is romantically inclined.

When he keeps complimenting you on how good you look, remarks what a charming smile you have among other compliments of your physical attributes, she could be harboring a physical interest in you. However, if she compliments you on your fashion sense or other material things, it could just be friendly. You need to determine if she is generally flirtatious by nature or if she is just with you.

Some more signals showing her interest:

  • She behaves awkwardly or gets shy in your presence, which could be a sign she fancies you
  • She veers her conversation to LGBTQ topics, her own coming out, etc., and asks you about your views on the subject
  • She pays attention to everything you say and remembers the minutest details of a conversation you've had in the past, shows that she is working hard to know you
  • She tries to touch you on intimate spots like your neck, gets cuddly and affectionate with you, touches your hair, etc., all are signs of her romantic interest in you

Signs a Woman Has a Crush on Another Woman

Watch her lips: Most women, when attracted to someone, tend to lick, bite, or pucker their lips when they are around them. It is a clear sign that they are interested in you.

  • She starts to fiddle: When women are attracted to someone sexually, they will playfully twirl their hair or touch their earlobes
  • Copies your movements: It is a classic sign for a woman to subconsciously imitate the movements of the person she is attracted to, so keep an eye out for that
  • She frequently smiles: While talking at you, she will smile frequently. But you need to be careful because a woman can just smile at friends as well
  • Maintains steady eye contact: If she looks intently into your eyes when having a conversation, she probably likes you. At the same time, if she is nervous about matching your stare, it could also so she is interested. It is subject to the kind of personality she is confident or shy. Pay attention to her pupils because if they dilate, it is a clear signal that she is attracted to you. Of course, do not stare too much while checking her out
  • Changes her stance: When she changes her stance with you around, it could be a sign of her having an interest in you
  • Touches lightly: If she suddenly places her hand on yours or pats you during a conversation, she is interested in you
  • Keep an eye on her feet: Body language experts say that the feet play an important role in human interaction. When she laughs, if you see her feet move, it indicates that she is interested in you. But is she points them away or pulls them in, it indicates she is not comfortable with you!

All the mentioned signs indicate that a woman is interested in another woman. Lesbians can show their interest in other women through body language or even may choose to be direct in some instances. However, with body language, you need to be mindful of the context you are dealing with them in, e.g., in the workplace may as colleagues or in a social setting as someone you meet for the first time.