Wondering How to Flirt With a Married Woman?

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Dating a married woman is always exciting. Having a discreet relationship with an experienced woman is always thrilling. While there are plenty of married women out there looking to flirt and have fun, you need to hone your dating skills to attract and charm these gorgeous and desirable ladies.

Learn How to Pick up a Married Woman

Confidence is the key: When you want to seduce a married woman, you need to be confident. They are accustomed to men having hit on them and been on dates etc. They have probably had loads of men that have proposed them. Consequently, with their experience, they will expect a confident and mature approach, so if you get the first step right, half the battle is won.

Get flirty: Be at your flirtatious best if you want to charm these lovely ladies. The more you show signs of flirting with them, the more special and attractive they will feel. If they are having a dull romantic and married life, it will be something they are looking forward to. A little harmless flirting can go a long way to win her over for a discreet relationship.

Message her: Sending across cryptic text messages are a nice way of seducing a married woman. It will intrigue them and pique her interest in you. You need to keep her guessing so that every time she hears her phone beep, she feels a thrill of excitement in her.

Reveal your intentions: Since both are mature, it is okay to hint her about your intentions in dating her. If you just want to have fun be clear about it from the onset. On the other hand, if you want a long-term relationship or see a future together, it is best to convey your true feelings to her.

Do not mention her marriage: While you can discuss everything under the Sun with her, avoid discussing her marriage. If she brings up the topic on her own and airs her grievances, be supportive but do not comment too much about her spouse or family. Show interest in her as a person instead of winning her over.

Be good to her kids: If she has children, be nice and friendly with them. She will appreciate the affection and bond you share with them, and she will develop a strong liking for you as well. This is more so with single mothers and those that are getting divorced.

Look at her as a woman: If you want to seduce her, don't look at her like a wife but rather as a woman. Give her the attention and affection you would share with any single woman. She will appreciate the extra attention and care you show towards her.

Recognize her for her abilities: Show your approval for everything that she has accomplished. They like to be appreciated for their achievements, so praise her or all that she accomplished as a person. It will show that you are not just physically attracted to her but value her as a person too.

Compliment her regularly: Almost all women love to receive compliments. Whether young or old, they feel good about hearing something positive they have done. Do not just compliment her for her physical beauty but also for her style, intelligence, kind-heartedness, etc. Just make sure the compliments are genuine.

Make her feel extra special: Make her feel extra special as if she is the most important woman in your life. The more you show how much you value her and her actions, the greater the liking she will develop towards you.

How to Seduce a Married Woman With Text Messages?

Drop her a blank message: When you are about to message a married woman for the first time, get smart and send her a blank message. If she replies instantly, she probably is interested in you. Her reply will help to gauge the direction the conversation through messaging can take with her.

Always use decent language: You may be wanting to have a passionate relationship with her but always use decent language when texting her. Women appreciate men that keep a check on their desires and emotions and do not use gross or vulgar language. Whenever you message her, ensure the language is decent and non-offensive, especially in the early stages of testing.

Use emojis: Show our playful side by sending her naughty emojis. They are a wonderful way of expressing your feelings without having to say anything. Find messages that are naughty and romantic and use them in the text messages. You could use those on your smartphone, or look around and find new emojis to captivate her interest.

Text at an appropriate time: When you plan to message a married woman, timing matters. Ask her when she is free and message her at that time. The benefit of messaging her when she is free, it increases the likelihood of her replying. It will also increase the likelihood of having a conversation with her through messages.

Never reply instantly: When you receive a message from her, do not reply immediately. If you give an instant reply, it shows your eagerness that could be misconstrued as desperation. So, wait a while (not too long) and then message her back.

Get the spelling right: Do not try to be cool and use abbreviations when texting a married woman. Check your spelling and grammar and try to ensure that the language is correct. Women admire men that are correct grammatically irrespective of the language they text in.

Use a foreign language: Occasionally send her a message in a foreign language like French or Italian. It will pique her curiosity, and she will ask you the meaning or look online to understand your message.

Seducing and dating a married woman is not a big challenge if you adopt the right way of going about it. Just be proactive, learn to read body language, and listen intently to understand the woman you intend to date.