We Help to Figure Out Why White Guys Like Asian Girls

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Have you noticed that Asian women completely floor many white men? These women have certain attractive traits that make them irresistible to western men, as we see in the blog.

How Are Typical Asian Girls?

We generally tend to stereotype people based on their ethnic origins, which is baseless. E.g., Those Asian girls born in the US will have a different personality than those that come from Asia because of the environment that they grow and exposure to the western way of life. Likewise, girls born in China will be different from girls born in Vietnam or Thailand. The country and society one is born in makes all the difference. In terms of personality, trying to classify women in Asia as being typical broadly would not be quite accurate. As far as physical traits go, there could be some similarities. Most Asian women are slim, petite, have flawless complexions, smooth skin, and beautiful lustrous hair. They can be more family-oriented than western girls and make great partners (with exceptions, of course). If you are looking for a girl that is intelligent, confident, and attractive, then Asian girls fit the bill perfectly.

Why Are Asian Women So Attractive?

Asian women have a charm and pleasing personality that adds to their allure. In terms of physical beauty, they tend to be generally slim, with gorgeous complexions that are flawless. Their skins hardly show signs of aging and their petite frame makes it difficult to judge their age from their appearance on many an occasion. Their dietary lifestyle plays a major role in keeping them slim with fermented foods working like natural probiotics. A typical Asian woman will be mild-mannered and soft-spoken that makes them very appealing to western men in particular. If you are looking for a short term or long-lasting relationship, Asian women are an ideal choice to date.

Why Do White Guys Love Asian Women?

While a lot of it has to do with cultural hangovers from what is seen in movies, Asian girls are a class into themselves that attracts white men. It is especially the case with those men that are looking at the possibility of dating someone exotic and from another culture. Hollywood, with its stereotyping, has played a role in firing the imagination of White men to a considerable extent. For men that serially date only Asian women, there even is a term coined for them called 'Yellow Fever.' At the same time, a lot of the fascination has to do with misconceptions that White men pick from around them. However, there are traits possessed by Asian women that do indeed make them very desirable as partners.

Very feminine: Almost every man will desire a partner that is feminine in appearance, and Asian women are the epitome of feminity. From having an almost perfect complexion to aging gracefully, these ladies are extremely charming. An added attraction is dating a partner from a foreign culture that, in the case of Asians are considered to be exotic.

Great cooking skills: There is a saying that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. While that may not be the case, the fact is since most Asian women learn cooking at an early age, they generally are great cooks. There is a great deal of variety when it comes to Asian cuisines, so for men that enjoy this type of food, dating an Asian girl becomes an attractive option. After all, who does not like delicious food!

Soft-spoken: Again, while this cannot be generalized, but most Asian women are soft-spoken and more submissive than women in the West. For men that take pride in their macho image, dating a woman who will listen without talking back or retaliating aggressively seems the best choice. As most Asian societies are patriarchal by nature, these women tend to step back and are happy to let their male partners make most decisions.

Suitable for long-lasting relationships: While there are loads of Asian women to have casual relationships with, they are generally thought of being a better choice when it comes to a long-term committed relationship. Many men prefer to date these women to have a long-lasting relationship and even getting married to them.

Reasons for Why Do Asian Girls Like White Guys

The easiest reason would be why White men prefer Asian women! They look for someone that comes from a different culture and background that is still considered exotic in the West. Similarly, Asian women find White men exotic and quite different from their native men, so they are attracted to them. But then not all Asian women like White men as that again is stereotyping these women and is a misconception.

White men are better settled: Women from certain poorer Asian countries look for partners from foreign lands as a way of improving their socio-economic condition. Many women come from poor backgrounds, and they are naturally keen to find a man that is well settled and economically independent. Financial security is what a lot of these women seek, and White ex-pats that are in well-paying jobs make for good husbands or partners to date. Money and economic status have a lot to do with the choice of many Asian women.

White men spend more: Again (with exceptions), most western men tend to be willing to spend more on their partners, unlike local men. Most Asian men are tight-fisted and are not always open to the idea of lavishing their partners with expensive gifts and high-end shopping. White men, on the other hand, are more into giving gifts ad spending on the women they like.

Skin color: There still is a colonial hangover (of sorts) when it comes to white skin, as they are thought to be more attractive than local partners. This is especially seen in countries like India and many south-eastern Asian countries, and there is a craze for white complexioned partners among both sexes.

If you are looking forward to date, an Asian woman goes right ahead and take the plunge. They make for very caring and loving partners, and if you are a romantic, an Asian woman would be the perfect partner.