What Do Women Looking for in a Man

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Most men are always confused about what are the traits that women want in a prospective partner. While these preferences may differ from one woman to another, there are certain common features that women look for in a man when they plan a long-term relationship with him.

Click as a couple: A woman likes a partner that clicks with her as a couple. There has to be that certain chemistry between the man and the woman to have a successful relationship. While women may be attracted by good looks in the early stages of the relationship, in the long run, it is how well both partners click and form a deep and meaningful connection that counts.

Shows his feelings: Men are stereotyped in society as having to be the strong and silent type to exude manliness. This is not the truth, as women like men that are open in sharing their feelings and, at times, show their vulnerable side. Being closed off from a woman emotionally makes it difficult to have a well-balanced relationship. In any successful relationship, both men and women share their feelings.

Being Reliable

Reliability and stability are the bedrock on which a happy relationship is built. Women want men to be financially and emotionally stable. This brings stability to the relationship between a couple. A woman likes and respects a man she can count on in any situation. They consider such men to be ideal partners and to have children with.

Treat them as equals: Women want men that treat them on an equal footing in the relationship. They do not like men that tend to dominate the relationship and ignore their opinions and views on important issues. For centuries women were dominated by men in almost every society that was patriarchal. Now they want to be on an equal footing with men in every sphere.

Open to change: It is only human nature to want to modify or change certain undesirable traits in our partners. It is found that couples in successful relationships are willing to compromise and make some changes to accommodate their partners. Therefore, women like men that are flexible enough to respond to the needs of their partner's needs and emotions.

Responsive: Women prefer men that are responsive to their partner emotionally. It is not just physically present that counts but also being emotionally responsive that matters. Both men and women must be emotionally responsive to the needs of each other. While women generally are, men tend to get distracted more easily.

Take an interest in her: Showing an interest in a woman is not just meant to be in the early stages of the relationship to win her over but needs to be consistent all through the relationship. Women appreciate men that retain their curiosity and interest in women over time without being neglectful.

Feel protected: From early times, women have depended upon men to be protective and keep them safe. This primordial instinct is still strong in women that want to feel a sense of physical and emotional security from their partners.

Be non-judgmental: Women want men that accept them as they are without being judgmental. They do not want a partner that is constantly analyzing and being critical of them. They want a man that accepts them the way they are without trying to pressurize them to change completely.

Know their mind: Another quality that attracts women is a man that knows his mind. He asks for anything that he wants and displays a sense of assertiveness without being dominant in the relationship. Happy couples in a relationship are always open and upfront about what they want from each other.

What Do Men Find Attractive in Women?

Apart from physical traits that men find attractive in women, certain qualities draw them to a woman they fancy as a partner.

A kind nature: One of the most important non-physical traits that attract a man is kindness in a woman. Not just in the early stages or the honeymoon period of the relationship but in the long term. Whether it is kindness towards other people or pets, men like a woman that is kind in her behavior with all she comes across.

Open-minded and independent: Woman that are independent and open-minded tend to attract more men than the clingy, insecure type. This is because men look for someone that is well balanced and not a woman that wants an emotional crutch to lean on. They respect women that are broadminded and non-possessive about their partners and do not doubt the integrity of the man in the relationship.

Practical: Men appreciate women that are well-grounded and practical by nature. They do not want a partner that expects a fairy tale romance and the man to be prince charming that will always come to her rescue. They want and expect their partner to have a realistic view of the relationship and value their partner's efforts to nurture the relationship. She is comfortable in any situation and practical in her approach to everything.

Positivity: There will be good times and not so good times, but what matters is the approach. Men like women with a positive attitude and want and expect their partner to be positive in the relationship and not to whine and complain about how unhappy they always are.

There Is More to a Happy Relationship Than Mere Looks

Having a happy relationship is not just dependent on great looks or a charming personality. While these are assets in the early stages of any relationship, it is the inherent qualities that we possess as humans that make a relationship happy and long-lasting!