What Do Married Men Want From Affairs?

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There is no standard answer as to why men and women cheat in a relationship. Each incident of cheating differs from the other because of various factors. However, certain common factors are involved in infidelity in relationships such as:

Drift apart: This is because, over time of being with the same person, a sense of familiarity that becomes boring tends to develop. Consequently, one or both partners begin to drift away from the relationship. Having a sense of predictability in a relationship tends to make it stagnate. The emotional or physical disconnect can take place for several reasons. This could range from lack of communication over issues or feeling angry with your partner for something they might have done or said. Instead of there being love and romance between the couple, there just is an emotional vacuum in its place.

Lack of love: As strange as it might seem, there can be a lack of love or affection in the relationship that could cause partners to move apart. In the early stages of courtship or marriage, both partners tend to be very romantic and affectionate with each other. Complimenting one another to caressing and cuddling love is expressed physically in different ways. But over time, because of work and other issues, men and women tend to be less affectionate with our partners. This could lead to a feeling of being unloved by a partner. Consequently, they seek love and affection outside the relationship.

Lack of Balance

When both partners are not equally mature with one more balanced and the other lacking maturity, it can create an imbalance. From making all the serious decisions to handling the finances, all the responsibilities fall on a single partner. All of this, while the other does not contribute anything meaningful to the relationship. In such a scenario getting into an affair with someone that appreciates all you do can be natural. Interestingly the other partner that does not contribute might feel unimportant, and they could have an affair to compensate.

Not comfortable with commitment: There are situations when people have an affair at crucial points of their relationship like during being engaged or even when their spouse is carrying a baby. This could be because they fear the commitment involved, and having an affair becomes a vent for them to wiggle their way out of any responsibility.

Poor self-esteem: Another situation where a partner might end up getting into an affair is when they have low self-esteem. Those that suffer from poor self-esteem always seek the approval of others to boost their lack of confidence. Getting attention from just a single person does not satisfy them because of the insecurity that lies within them. They might, therefore, cheat on their partner to compensate for their poor self-esteem.

Sex addiction: Like alcohol, opioids, and drug addiction, many men and women also suffer from sex addiction. They may find it hard to control their lustful nature and get involved with other people outside their relationship. This is compulsive by nature, and such people find it hard to hold on to a single relationship. The only option for such individuals is to go in for therapy to resolve their addictive behavior.

Why Women Cheat on Their Husbands?

While there is a notion that men cheat more in a relationship, the fact is both partners are about the same percentage-wise when it comes to infidelity in a relationship. These are some of the reasons why women tend to cheat on their partners or husbands:

Feel neglect: Most women like and crave attention from their partners because of the amount they contribute as a wife or girlfriend in a relationship or marriage. When they feel undervalued or neglected, they tend to react by choosing to have an affair with someone that appreciates them.

Want emotional security: Women give a lot of importance to emotional security that is non-sexual over physical intimacy. From doing things together to spending time with one another, are just some of the things they expect from their partner. When they find that their partner only focuses on his sexual needs, they seek someone that gives them the emotional fulfillment they crave.

Sense of Loneliness

Women tend to feel lonelier in a relationship than men. This could because of the busy professional lives we lead where we tend to get very little time to spend together as a couple. When their spouses or partners are busy with work or travel regularly, women tend to feel loneliness. In such a situation, they seek attention from another person that helps them to fill the void in their personal life.

Unrealistic expectations: Women tend to have more romantic and unrealistic expectations from a relationship. They expect their partners to fulfill every whim and fancy they have. This can be too much for their spouses or partners that are not able to meet their expectations. Consequently, these women tend to cheat with partners that give them more attention.

Sexually unfulfilled: Another misconception is that only men want to have a fulfilling sex life with their partners. The fact is quite women also want and expect to lead a fulfilling sexual life with their partners or husbands. When they do not get it from their regular partners, they look elsewhere to fulfill their physical needs.

Infidelity Is Common Among Both Genders

Finally, when it comes to cheating, both men and women may indulge in infidelity with their partners. While the percentage of men is slightly higher, women also are catching up with them and indulging in extramarital affairs when unsatisfied. While one cannot prevent their partner from cheating on them, just paying more attention to their relationship can help to prevent the risk of infidelity.