Wondering How to Attract a Good Man for Marriage?

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Finding the right partner is something all of us desire. Many women end up falling for the wrong guys and then blame the men for it. The fact is there is no shortage of good men around if we know to look in the right places. We cannot always blame a man for lack of commitment in a relationship because many times, it is our attitude that needs to improve to attract the right man in our lives.

Learn How to Attract a Good Man for Marriage

No games, please: If you want to attract and keep that partner, you need to be mature and stop trying to play games. Stop pretending you do not fancy him and then get upset when he ignores you. Like it takes two to tango, you also need to reciprocate instead of playing hard to get.

Try a committed relationship: Instead of looking for multiple people to date and check out the competition, focus on one. Try to develop a committed relationship with the man you like and see how things go.

Stop sharing raunchy stuff: Most men that are interested in a long-term relationship will not be too impressed with you sharing raunchy images early on in a relationship. First, develop that trust and rapport and keep the naughty stuff for private messaging instead of flaunting them all over social media.

Have self-respect: If you want a man to respect you, start showing self-respect to yourself. If you find a guy is a waste of time and continue to date him, then the fault lies with you. Learn to develop self-respect and do not date useless men that are a waste of time, if you want the right man to come by.

Show him your true feelings: If you intend to spend a long time in the relationship or even marry him, you must make our feelings known at the onset. Saying something like you do not want a committed relationship at the very beginning will spoil the chances of the relationship becoming long term or even leading to marriage. While you need not start discussing marriage from the first date (it will scare him off), once things are in progress in the relationship, you could make your true feelings known to him.

Show vulnerable side: If you have been hurt in the past and you're looking for commitment, it is okay to show your vulnerability. Speak to him about commitment, and if he values you, he will also show interest in having a committed relationship.

Do not play the tit for tat game: If you value him, do not undermine the relationship by trying to get even. E.g., if he does not call you for a day, you decide not to call him for two. If both want a happy relationship, you need to cast aside both your egos and behave maturely and sensibly with each other.

Respect him and his commitment: Never cancel plans at the last moment for frivolous reasons. If he has invested time and planned something special, make that extra effort to follow through. Only in the event of an emergency cancel the plans to go out. Value his attention and time if you want to keep him.

Leave previous emotional baggage behind: If you have been hurt in a past relationship, do not let that affect the present relationship. Stop clinging to emotional baggage from the past and begin this relationship with a clean slate. Just because your past partner cheated on you do not expect the same from your current partner by doubting him always.

How to Seduce Men with Body Language?

Use your eyes: The eyes are the window to the soul, or rather, in this case, a window to your heart. Use them effectively by establishing eye contact with the man you are attracted to. Just establish eye contact, coupled with a charming smile, will work wonders to grab his attention. Do not constantly stare, but look a second or two and then drat your eyes away. Repeat this a few times, and he will realize you are interested in him.

Use the hands: Another way to send out a signal through body language is to use your hands. The gestures you make with your hand can be a big tun on. From caressing certain areas while talking to using objects like a wineglass, silverware, etc. will send out clear signals of your interest.

Lip movement speaks volumes: Once you find the man warming up to you, you can consider using the lips to seduce him further. While having a conversation with him, gently provocatively bite on your lower lip. Subtly lick your lips as well, and they will not be able to resist the actions and send across a few body signals of their own.

Touch your hair: Men are drawn to women with beautiful hair, and it is considered among the most attractive parts of a woman. From playing with a strand of hair, to gently flipping it, touching the strands around your neck, etc. use your mane of hair to attract his interest.

Accentuate your assets: Men get turned on by the breasts, neck, and bottom of women. The posture you adopt can help to accentuate your assets further while having a conversation. Leaning back or straightening up will help to accentuate these attractive features further.

Use touch: Touching is one of the easiest ways to show interest in a person you are attracted to. When talking, touch his hand gently, or pat his shoulders, it will get him to know you fancy him.

Finding the right partner needs commitment and patience. You need to be clear about what kind of man you want to marry and only date those that show an interest in a committed relationship. Dating men that just want to have a casual relationship will not improve your prospects of finding Mr. Right in your life!