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Going through a break-up can be a very painful experience for most. When you are deeply involved with someone romantically, and the relationship suddenly comes to an abrupt end, it can be very disconcerting and depressing. However, there are ways by which you can bounce back, albeit with time, and get back to leading your normal life.

Divert your mind: The most important thing is to distract your thought process by staying busy. Stop dwelling on the time you spent together or the things that you enjoyed doing together. These thoughts tend to amplify when you are idle, especially during the evenings and nights. Stay busy doing something you enjoy or watch a movie, listen to music just about anything that will distract your mind from any thoughts about your ex.

Take up a hobby: Is there any particular hobby that you always were interested in but could not find the time to take up. This is the best time to indulge yourself in an activity of your choice. Whether it is painting, learning to dance, or doing anything else that you enjoy, join a group, community, or workshop. You could even sign up with a local meetup community that will keep you engaged in your free time.

Minimize communication with the ex: If you could avoid all communication with your ex, it would be best! However, if you are working together professionally, then you should keep the interaction completely professional. If married or you have kids together again, keep all communication at a minimum without any emotions involved.

Go out with friends: Breaking up with an ex does not mean you insulate yourself from all other companies. Go out regularly with your friends, but just avoid locations where there is the likelihood that you will bump into your ex there. Socialize and party and live to the hilt with no regrets about the past.

Try to minimize the use of social media: If you have posts that are related to your ex, then delete them. Another option is to minimize the use of social media or even removing apps temporarily to help you in the healing process. You could take a break from social media for a few weeks or more if that helps too.

Consider dating: While this is the last option, it is a good way to mend quicker—no use regretting what happened. You need to cast aside all your baggage from the past relationship and get a brand-new start. Once you feel better, explore the possibility of dating, only make sure you do not allow the past relationship to interfere with your current relationship.

Why Can't I Get Over My Ex?

Cannot accept the end of the relationship: Many singles struggle with the fact that the relationship is finished. They continue living in the hope that they could salvage the relationship. This is because they keep remembering the good times and neglect to understand where the relationship faltered. They have the mistaken conception that because they spent a great deal of time on the relationship, the relationship cannot end the way it has.

Track your ex: With social media dominating our personal lives, it has become very easy to keep tabs on your ex. This is the root cause of the problem as the more you keep track of them on social media, the harder it will become to let them go. From retaining old photographs to messages and posts, all of these can make it much harder to let go. If you want to move on completely, banish your ex from all your social media accounts.

Not come to terms with the relationship suddenly ending: If your break up was sudden and unexpected, then you could be suffering from lack of closure. This causes you to linger over the relationship, leave you analyzing every aspect of the relationship, etc. The quicker you try to attain closure on the relationship, the better it will be for you in the long term. You need to let go and let bygones be bygones. Do not live in the past but the present, and look forward to the future.

Lack of self-confidence: Many individuals suffer from a lack of self-confidence or self-esteem and think they will not be able to find a partner again. This is especially with those that have been in a long-lasting relationship. Plus, having been in their comfort zone in the relationship makes it harder to begin things again.

It was one-sided: Many a time, a relationship is completely one-sided where one partner submits to the wishes and happiness of their partner. In such a situation, when the relationship ends, they are at a complete loss and feel a sense of abandonment. It becomes a challenge for them to live their life by themself.

How Long to Get Over a Break-up?

Getting over a break up is not something that has a fixed or defined timeline. Even though the pain of breaking up with someone can be visceral and you feel helpless, remember it is never eternal! Each person grieves differently, and while it is over sooner for some for others, it can take a bit longer.

Do not expect to bounce back immediately: It is okay to grieve over the relationship, so that do not expect to bounce back within a week. If it has been long term, it naturally will take a bit longer. Be realistic about it, and do not have any false notions.

Give yourself time: Depending on how long both were together, it will take time to put the pieces of your life together. Just do not fantasize about what could have been of the relationship once it has ended. Be realistic and get on with your life. Stop pining and whining about how much you loved your partner. While it may seem difficult, this is the only way to begin a fresh chapter in your life.

Remember, nobody or nothing is irreplaceable. Everything must come to an end in some form or the other, but life still goes on. Cultivate a positive attitude to life and remember behind every dark cloud, there is a silver lining.