We Share Some Lesbian Dating Rules for a Happy Relationship

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Being a lesbian and finding the right partner need not be a hassle if you go about in a planned manner. While one cannot plan to fall in love, there are ways to go about meeting like-minded women that share the same orientation.

How Do You Know If You Are a Lesbian?

If you are wondering if you are just a straight curious or a lesbian read on:

You dream about women: It is perfectly normal for a woman to be straight and still think about getting intimate a woman. It is just your hormones in overdrive and curiosity. However, when all your fantasies only feature women, and you wait for an opportunity to touch and feel them exclusively, it is signs of being a bisexual or lesbian.

Women turn you on: A very clear sign that women attract you! If you are exclusively attracted to women, you are a lesbian. But if both men and women turn you on then, you can have the best of both worlds as a bisexual. The only way to find out your orientation is to explore your feeling with both genders. Having a couple of physical relationships will help to clarify exactly where your feelings and physical desires lie.

Search for info about being lesbian: When you get online and are genuinely curious about information about signs to know if you are a lesbian, it could be an indicator that you are a prospective lesbian trying to clarify your doubts.

You notice women more easily: When your attention is drawn to women at public spaces and on the street, and you cannot help but check them out, you do have a strong interest in women. If the men do not gain your attention and only the women, then you are a lesbian.

Your idea of a romantic movie's ending is different: You will find all your straight female friends have a concept of a fairy tale ending for romantic movies. However, you seem to have a different ending in mind where you rather wish she would have hooked up with that cute best friend that she had in the movie.

You feel at home with the LGBT community: You waltz off to a singles lesbian bar and feel at home. You enjoy the company of beautiful women, butch, and femmes and take pride in the LGBT culture. While you may not have come out yet, you do consider the idea seriously.

You might find men nice but not hot: Contrary to what it may seem, a lesbian can find a man gorgeous, but they will not find them sexy. So, despite the attraction towards men, a lesbian will still find women hotter.

How to Get a Lesbian to Like You?

Establish eye contact: When you see a girl that makes your heart skip a beat in the street or at any public location, and she seems to give those vibes that she likes women too, it is time to establish eye contact. If she looks at you and she keeps returning her gaze, look back. For the uninitiated, when two women take an interest in each other, there is a special look that only another lesbian can recognize. Having eye contact with a gay woman helps to avoid making a pass at a straight woman.

Be on top of your game: You need to have confidence if you intend to win her over. While being confident is great, do not get brash or act over-opinionated cause that can be a turnoff. Dwell on your strengths, and you will be able to charm her without having too much of a hassle.

Act subtly: While you may want to grab her attention at no stage, become desperate and do it openly. Play cat and mouse game and be subtle in your approach. Remember, it is exciting to keep the other person at sixes and sevens, which will only help to pique her curiosity even more.

Have your pick-up move: If you want to use a pick-up move, you must be original and have the confidence to pull it off. It could be something quirky that makes your potential date sit up and take notice and have them interested in getting into a conversation with you.

Be humorous: Having the ability to make people laugh will always make you popular. If you have a goofy way of making others end up in splits, you bet you could grab the attention of the woman you desire.

Compliment genuinely: Everyone likes to get complimented from time to time, so if you find something particularly attractive about her, go ahead and compliment her. Just make sure it is genuine and not just something cliched that will leave her bored.

Use the sense of touch: When we say touch, it does not mean you keep pawing her, as it will drive her away. Just a casual pat when she laughs or at the punchline of a joke would go a long way to get her interested. However, take it slow and do not rush the touching part until you feel she is comfortable enough with you.

How to Talk to a Lesbian?

Regardless of whether a person is heterosexual, gay or lesbian, you will talk to them just the same way you would talk to anyone you meet. There is nothing special or no technique when it comes to having a normal conversation. However, if you are interested in dating them, then you can adopt the following tips:

Visit a singles lesbian bar: What better place to find a potential lesbian date then a singles bar. You will get to meet plenty of gorgeous singles that are there with the same purpose to find a date.

Smile: Having a smile on your face will make you more approachable, and prospective partners will respond more positively. When you smile at a woman, and she responds likewise, that is a clue to approach her and introduce yourself.

Ask her for a dance: A nice way to get to know her better is to ask her to dance with you. If she finds you attractive, she will join you on the dance floor, or else you could always find another partner.

Dating a lesbian is not as intimidating as some women think. It is how you make your moves that count. Just remember to keep the approach decent and show respect for her. Even if you fail the first time, there are plenty more opportunities to date women successfully.